What and where?!


Where in the world are we going next?

For those of you who’ve been following our blog over the last few months, we finally have some answers to the where and what question. For those just checking in, I’ll first bring you up to speed.

Our recent round-the-world adventure was a great time, a huge blessing and a good chance for us to step back, re-evaluate and get perspective on our lives. For us this involved seeking God about the future and His plan for us. On our trip, we pondered a lot about where to live, where to work, and where to worship as we sensed what our lives looked like before we left might be up for a bit of a shake up. When we didn’t get any clear answers we wondered if perhaps we were asking the wrong questions. So we started asking God slightly different questions: How do you want us to live? How do you want us to work? How do you want us to worship? He certainly answered our prayers, giving us very clear visions for how He wanted us to live, work and worship. The only questions left unanswered were where and what?

When we got back to New Zealand with the vision for how imprinted on our minds and hearts, we started to really seek God about the where and what. For us, there were only really two places in the world we personally desired to live…Cambridge (where we’ve lived for the last season and where Jared’s parents reside) and Opotiki (where I grew up and where my parents reside). We were (and still are) open to going elsewhere if indeed God asked us too, but Cambridge and Opotiki were the two places that continue to pull our heart strings. So, we started knocking on some doors and praying that God would open and close them as He pleased. Well, He certainly answered our prayers for open doors….but He didn’t really seem to close any that we know of! It seemed it was up to us to choose. Open doors made it a hard decision; staying would be a comfortable option and leaving means sacrifices and unknowns.

So while work in Cambridge started pouring in for Jared, another new and exciting door opened in Opotiki that could open a lot more doors in the future. Jared is about to confirm (the paperwork is still to be done) a fixed term role working for Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology teaching Level 3 Carpentry at their Opotiki satellite campus. So we’re on the move! There are still a lot of unanswered questions (I don’t have a confirmed job yet and we’re not sure where we’ll plant ourselves church wise) but we know from experience that God provides and often more than we can imagine so we are trusting that He has a job lined up for me (a make-a-difference job not just a put a band aid on the problem sort of job!), a place we can call our church home and eventually a house we can make a home (we’re currently booked into my parents Cottage for the next while). Jared’s role starts on April 16 so we’ll be moving sometime before then.

If you are local to us, please come and join us for a lunch time BBQ on Saturday April 7th @ our place. Its not farewell or goodbye, just a good excuse for a BBQ before the days really get shorter and colder. Jared also wants to celebrate his “25th” birthday (he’s in denial!). RSVP to us by Friday the 6th =)

If your not already signed up to our blog and want to keep in touch with what we are up to in this next season feel free to sign up and get an email delivered into your inbox every time we post an update (we won’t bombard you too often!).

Spring morning Capeview

The view from home at Capeview, Opotiki.


One thought on “What and where?!

  1. Wow.
    As your christian sister, I am so in awe of your commitment to Jesus and openness to move where he calls you, your trust in His provision and your selflessness to follow His plans.
    As a selfish friend, I’m gutted to see you go, you will both be missed so very much, especially your smiles and Joy.
    Super exciting news. Go well and bless your new community.


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